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About Worthing

It was Worthing’s FIRST and “Original Community Website”. It was set up in the very early days of common internet use, and the idea and concept came from Grant Rainford who fortunately got in first and registered the domain worthing.co.uk

Grant is a “Local Lad” and during the years of 1980 – 1984 attended Boundstone Community College in Lancing, where he grew up. It was during 1979 that his parents Tony & Grace, moved their family (Grant, Debs, Steve, & Michelle) to Worthing.

After leaving school, Grant went to Northbrook College to study computer programming;About Worthing however he had always had a passion for computers during his teen years. He had a weekend job in the then ‘Worthing Computer Centre’ in Warwick Street. Once he left college, he had several jobs working within large companies as a computer programmer. It was during 1991 that Grant set up his own computer business in Broadwater, called Exon Computers Ltd. It was here that Grant started to work and develop Worthing’s community based website.

After registering the domain name, Grant originally used Mistral to host the site and he was then ready to get the “Worthing Community” involved in what would be “Worthing’s Website”.

Unfortunately a short while after the site went online, Grant had a serious mountain bike accident at Chanctonbury Ring, on the 3rd April 1997. Sadly this left him in a coma for 16 weeks. After spending 18 months in hospital, Grant finally came home to live with his parents, but was confined to a wheelchair with a serious A.B.I (Acquired brain injury). It is as a result of Grants accident, that his family became involved with HEADWAY charity, and his father Tony was previously the chairman of the Worthing branch.

Today, Grant requires 24 hour care, but remains positive and is thriving to overcome his disability by training every day. Despite all that he has been through, Grant’s sense of humour has not changed, and indeed his own words about his accident are:
“Fortunately it missed by two days of April Fools Day”.

You may have met Grant, as he is a well known (and very loud!) character of Worthing. When you meet him, you will never forget him, so if you do see Grant around the town then please say hello to him as all he wants is for the Worthing people (and visitors), to acknowledge him. It doesn’t cost to smile and say ‘HELLO!’

Not only is Grant determined to walk again, but he is also determined to keep his “Dream Alive” by keeping Worthing.co.uk online for the Worthing community. Grant’s brother-in-law’s business Xposure Interactive has redesigned, and now maintains the site whilst assisting Grant with his dream.

Enjoy the site!